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  • Date:2010/10/12


1.Groups of staff or students (3 persons minimum required) can use a group study room and a A/V viewing Carrels.     

Group Study Rooms and A/V Viewing Carrels Regulations
1.Eligibility:NDHU current students and faculty.
2.To reserve a study carrel, please use the online system only.
3.The same user can only reserve either one Group Study Room or an A/V Viewing Carrel in the same period within 14 days.
4.The members should be more than 3 (included) users to apply access for Group Study Rooms and A/V Viewing Carrels and should access with three student numbers for reservation.
5.Carrel users should tap the Card to open the door of the carrel and insert the Card inside to use the carrel. Users should activate the study carrel by inserting the Student Card in 15 minutes. If the carrel is not activated in 15 minutes of the reservation, the system will automatically cancel the reservation and release the space for other carrel users; the user will record a violation point. (All the 3 members should tap the Card to open the door of the carrel, and insert one of the Cards inside to use the carrel.)
6.During use, the inside unit must continue to insert the card. Temporarily leaving, carry in the card to re-enter. The limit leaving time is 20 minutes. If the card is not inserted within 20 minutes, the system will automatically release the space.
7.Perhaps you will not use the space during the appointment time, the reservation should be cancelled by one of the reserved members before the appointment time.
8.If one of the reservation members is unable to attend due to any reason, the member can log in to the reservation system "Modify Person" (substitution) before the appointment time.
9.Borrowing library spaces, Carrel users subject to the rules of the library. If accumulating violations of up to 3 points within 30 days, user's library spaces reservation right will be suspended for 30 days.
10.Carrel users may store Library books checked out to their personal accounts in their carrels; materials not checked out will be removed if found and record a violation point.
11.Carrel users should not leave any valuables in the carrels. The Library is not responsible for any loss of personal property.
12.Carrel users should use Library facilities properly, please not shifting the furniture without approval. If there is any damage to the furniture or the other facilities in the carrels, users should take full responsibility for replacement
13.Library staff has the right to inspect the carrels at any time without the users’ permission. In case of accident, The Library may suspend the use of carrels. Carrel users shall not refuse it.
14.Besides Study Carrels Regulations, carrel users should follow all the rules of The Library.
15.Matters not mentioned herein should all be managed in accordance with announcements of The Library.
  Required Number of Users:3 people
  Minimum Reservation Period(One time):30 mins
  Maximum Reservation Period(One time):4 hours
  Available Reservation Time:14 days in advance
  Total Reservation hours:12 hours
  Check In:15mins before the reservation time with the Student Card
  Renewal(no appointed):Renew 10 mins ahead of due time at the panel
  Renewal Limits:1 time
  Maximum Renewal Hours: 4 hours