Services for Faculty

Technical Support

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  • Date:2010/10/12


1. The Library provides self-service photocopiers and laser printers for users to make a copy of documents for only the purposes of research, private study, criticism or review. All photocopying and printing must be complied with the Copyright Law and Guidelines.

2. Photocopying -- Self-service photocopiers are card-operated and available on each floor in Library. Cards may be purchased at Information Desk on the first floor. B/W photocopies are charged at NT$1~2 per exposure.

3. Laser printer -- Self-service Laser printers (B/W) are installed in the Electronic Resource Area on the first floor. Charge for single-sided printing is NT$2 per sheet.

4. Microfilm reading machines -- Self-service Microfilm reading machines are installed in the Microfilm Collection Room on the first floor. Documents are output as picture files. Please carry your own USB flash disks to save results.

5. Audio/video equipments -- On the first floor, there are personal audio/video equipped seats for readers to play multimedia materials of NDHU library collection. Headphones are available at Information Desk B.

6. Wireless network -- Wireless hotspots are available in the Library. Using NDHU e-mail address and password, users may run wireless with their devices, e.g. notebook computers, handheld palms, on campus.