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 Locating in the center of the campus with a turret rising high and shining like the beacon of knowledge, the Library of National Dong Hwa University (hereinafter referred to as the NDHU Library or the Library) is a six-story building with a total square measure of 18,150m2, and a huge collection of 2.37 million books (including e-books and databases) up to December 2011. As a matter of fact, according to Ministry of Education, the Library’s book collection has been Taiwan’s No.9 since 2010 among over 160 universities and colleges.

 The NDHU Library went through a large-scale merger in 2011 from July to September – closed in mid August to move the collection of over one million books from Meilun Campus Library to Shoufeng Campus Library – and the grand opening of the integrated NDHU Library took place in the beginning of October the same year. With its whole new motto, ‘Taking People as The Foremost!’, the Library added various touches of cultural atmosphere as well as comfortable and customized reading space, such as the “New Books Display Area” for new publications and group interaction, the carefree “Today’s Newspapers”, the “Classic Corner” for the young generations, and the “Children’s Collection” targeting younger readers from local communities, to present itself as a multi-functional library.

Origin & Previous Development

Integration of the Century

 On August 1st 2008, National Dong Hwa University and National Hualien University of Education merged together and shared the same official title, National Dong Hwa University. The first three years after the merger were mainly spent on integrating the organization as well as securing the single-source procurement; furthermore, strengthening the services of book loans and document circulation between Shoufeng Campus and Meilun Campus as well. As soon as the merger of the two libraries started in mid June 2011, Shoufeng Campus Library refurbished its 5th and 6th floors and then closed on 1st August. After Meilun Campus Library officially came to an end on 22nd August, its 420,000 p-books were transferred to Shoufeng Campus Library. Since a library is indeed an organism that grows constantly, estimating its growth for the next decade or so is a must. In light of that, any book that has not been borrowed for at least eight years was destined to go to the Library of Rarely Borrowed Books, a transformation of the original Music Hall in Meilun Campus. The 1st and 2nd floors were opened on 26th September, the School Opening Day; 3rd October, 3rd to 6th floors.

Holding Back the Years

The Shoufeng Campus Library

 Upon the establishment of National Dong Hwa University on July 1st 1994, a temporary library was set up on the 3rd floor of Lakeside Cafeteria, then moved to the 2nd floor (Building A) of College of Sciences & Engineering, and eventually as well as officially opened on 11th October. The university started on 12th May 1998 to build the Library & Information Building (including the six-story Library and the three-story Information & Network Center), which then began to operate on September 18th 2001. In the early days only the 1st to the 3rd floors were put to use, the 4th floor joined the line of duty in 2006. The library became Shoufeng Campus Library when NDHU merged with National Hualien University of Education in August 2008, and when the entire collection of Meilun Campus Library was transferred to Shoufeng Campus Library on August 22nd 2011, the NDHU Library came into existence with the whole six floors put to use.

The Meilun Campus Library

When Taiwan Provincial Hualien Teachers’ School was established on October 27th 1947, a small-scale library was set up within the Facility Division under the Office of Teaching Affairs. As soon as the School was transformed into Taiwan Provincial Hualien Teachers’ College in 1964, the well-known female architect, Ms Tse-Lan Hsiu, was commissioned to design a new library, which was put to use on March 20th 1965, and then expanded in 1976. The College was reorganized and became National Hualien Teachers’ College in 1987, the library was promoted as a Level-1 organization as well. Since the original space was no longer enough, a five-story building was constructed at the same site after the demolition of the old one. The new library was put to use on April 8th 1992 with a total square measure of approximately 6,900 m2. As soon as the merger of the College into National Dong Hwa University started in August 2008, the library became the University’s Meilun Campus Library, which then officially came to an end on August 22nd 2011. The entire book collection was transferred to Shoufeng Campus Library.