Important reminders for NDHU library users

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  • Date:2014/3/3

In accordance with Article 36 of the NDHU Library Usage Rules which were ratified on February 27, 2011
1.Users have to abide by the usage rules and other relevant regulations while in the library.
2.If users borrow the certificates of other people to gain access to the library, the certificates will be confiscated and the original owners will be notified to retrieve them. The center is also authorized to ask said users to leave the library immediately.
3.Users without valid library cards are treated as external users.
4.Please don’t bring drinks, food, or pets into the library and don’t enter with slippers or barefoot.
5.Please leave materials you have read or copied on the book cart so they can be returned to the shelves.
6.Use of facilities inside the library:
(a)The library provides photocopiers (b/w) and printers (b/w). Copy cards can be purchased at the information desk (prepare enough change). Paper sizes include B5, A4, and B4 for photocopiers and A4 for printers.
(b)Wireless Internet access is available in the whole building. Users have to bring their own computers and network cards.
If equipment is damaged due to misuse, the user will be held responsible for the costs of the repairs and the matter will be handled in accordance with the regulations for user violations.
7.Please place library materials on the book carts in each area after using them.
8.Current newspaper issues may not be removed from the today’s newspaper area. Back issues are sorted by name and date and have to be returned after use.
9.It is not allowed to plug electrical appliances or rechargers into power outlets in the library. Notebook computers are the only exception.
10.Users should turn off desk lamps and power supplies when leaving their seats to conserve electricity.
11.Music will be played 15 minutes before the library closes to remind users to get ready to leave.
12.Garbage should be placed in the trash cans or taken out of the building. Items left on the desks overnight will be treated as waste and disposed of accordingly.
13.Please remove personal items from the lockers before leaving the library. Items left in the lockers overnight will be treated as waste and disposed of accordingly.