Detailed rules for loaning books from NDHU library

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  • Date:2014/3/3

In accordance with Article 36 of the NDHU Library Usage Rules which were ratified on February 27, 2011

Service Beneficiary
Requirements for library
card applications



Library card
validity period

Maximum number of
 loaned items/Maximum loan periods
Note 2, 3

Visual and
audio materials


NDHU Full-time faculty and research fellowsService ID

1. Handled in accordance with the regulations of the Personnel Office

2. Service ID issued by the Personnel Office

NoneUntil resignation50 books 60days

1. General visual and audio materials: 4 items 10 days non-renewable

2. Visual and audio materials for children4 items 14 days non-renewable

1. General books may be renewed within 7 days before expiry of the loan period if no reservations are made. 

2. A total of 15 items may be reserved (general books/visual and audio materials). Reserved books are held for three days

3. Reference books designated by instructors may only be used inside the library. Every user may borrow a total of two items for three hours.

4. Every user may borrow one item of equipment for use inside the library for 4 hours.

5. Interlibrary cards may be borrowed for 21 days (one per user) by NDHU faculty and staff members and students

6. Reference books are available for overnight loan (45 minutes before the library closes until 45 minutes after the library opens the following day). Every user may loan a maximum of three items.

7. Childrens books may be borrowed for 14 days and may be renewed twice

NDHU Official staff membersNone30 books 30days
NDHU undergraduate students Student ID

1. Handled in accordance with the regulations of the Academic Affairs Office

2. Student ID/Exchange Student ID/Temporary ID for quasi-graduate students issued by the Academic Affairs Office,

NoneUntil departure
Graduation, suspension or termination of studies
30 books 30days
NDHU graduate studentsNone40 books 40days
NDHU doctoral studentsNone40 books 60days
NDHU part-time faculty

1.Filled-out application form

2.Recent 1-inch photograph

Copy of contract of employment or letter of invitation

NoneUntil resignation40 books 60days
NDHU contract employeesNone30 books 30days
NDHU retired faculty and staff members 1.Retirement certificate
ID cardor passport

NoneDuring retirement

20 books 30days
Family dependents of faculty and staff members
ID card/passport/ household registration certificateNone

Same as faculty and staff membersAdded up totals of staff members and their family dependents
Students enrolled in the NDHU continued education program Units offering classes submit applications on behalf of studentsNoneUntil 7 days before completion of the program10 books 21days

1. General visual and audio materials: not available for loan

2. Visual and audio materials for children 4 items 14 days non-renewable

Library volunteers  

1.Filled-out application form

2. Recent 1-inch photograph

1.Library service ID
ID card (or passport)  

None During service period 10 books 30days 
NDHU alumni1.Copy of diploma
ID card (or passport) 
300NTD1year10 books 21days
External users 

1. ID card (or passport)

2. Applicants over 16 years of age

800NTD 1year10 books 21days

Note 1:   The term relatives refers to spouses, parents, and children

Note 2:   Books used for faculty projects: Project supervisors may request loan of books or visual and audio materials purchased in the context of projects of the National Science Council or other external projects during the auditing period. Books may be loaned for three years and renewed for 60 days if nobody makes a reservation.

Note 3:   Loan of visual and audio teaching materials: Instructors may loan a total of 30 items for 60 days in line with teaching requirements. These items are non-renewable